Consciousness and Spirit

The Mind as a Bridge to Consciousness

The mind is a bridge between our consciousness and our body. He interprets the impressions received by the organism.

Our universe consists of vibrations of different wavelengths. The solid matter has a very low vibration rate. Then comes noise, heat, electricity, light, and thoughts. Even within the phenomena, the different wavelengths determine how we perceive the phenomenon. With light the wavelength distinguishes the hue and, in the case of noise, the pitch.

However, all these manifestations are dependent on the recipient and are received differently by different beings. Various animals hear in the range of ultrasound or see ultraviolet light. Recently it has even been proven that women can see more shades of red than men. This makes it possible for them to better recognize the feelings of others by the different shades of red on their skin.

Wavelengths and vibration rates were not yet known to the Ninja of the Middle Ages, but it was clear to them that everything had its place somewhere in this universe. And thus also that no action is independent of another. Even phenomena that at first glance appear to be completely independent of others are connected in some way.

The Ninja observed and manipulated their environment by bringing their thought waves into the same vibrational wave as their environment.

Enhance Your Senses

To reawaken his senses, the Ninja first becomes aware of how much he put her to sleep in the past. Just as a natural movement is first learned in martial arts training, the natural perception of the senses is also reawakened. To reawaken smells, the Ninja spends a period of time paying close attention to all smells, the subtle nuances you don’t normally notice, as well as strong smells. Even bad smells are simply perceived without evaluating them.

In order to reawaken the sense of taste, the Ninja only pays attention to taste for a while and chews longer, more intensively, or expands his menu.

In order to awaken the eyes, the Ninja pays particular attention to all visual impressions that he can perceive for some time. he concentrates on the different color nuances that e.g. the sky at sunset. He experiments with focusing the eyes, with different distances and shapes.

The Ninja awakens the sense of touch by concentrating on touching his body, tension, heat, and cold or surfaces. During this period of time, he touches a particularly large number of objects and glides over their surfaces with his eyes closed.

In order to regain hearing, the Ninja pays special attention to noise and music. He not only pays attention to the loud noises, e.g. street noise but also to the sounds that you would not normally hear. He tries to listen to the silence and to hear what the silence sounds like. Or he observes how his body reacts to different types of music.

All of these mind-boosting exercises are meant to be just a suggestion, there are far more ways to improve your senses.

Sense Deprivation for Sense Expansion

One can also enhance one’s senses through temporary sensory deprivation.

Takamatsu Sensei reported that during his time of asceticism on a remote mountain, the solitude strengthened his senses to such an extent that he could smell when a human approached, he could even smell sex from afar.

Some Ninja would not use spices or particularly spicy, salty, or bitter foods in order to be able to immediately identify poisoning in a dish.

In the rainforest of South America, there were Indian peoples who lay down in water baths in dark chambers in order to switch off all sensory influences. In this way, they greatly improved their senses.

Live With All Your Senses

It is important for a Ninja to surrender to his senses. Some perverted systems or religions want you to control yourself and give up those devilish cravings like good food, sex, or other sensual pleasures. But a fulfilling life includes all aspects that make up a living being. Our body and senses are a part of us, and it is wrong to indulge in self-denial, compulsion, or denial of pleasure in order to attain heightened awareness or a heightened level.

Text: Stefan Imhoff