Ninja no Hachimon

The Eight Gates of the Ninja

This means that many arts that claim to be Ninja arts are warrior Ryū and not Ninja arts.

In the Bujinkan, 3 Ryūha are pure Ninja Ryū, the togakure Ryū ninpō, the gyokushin Ryū ninpō and the kumogakure Ryū ninpō.

The other six Ryūha are warrior Ryū, which of course doesn’t mean they aren’t effective! Even before that, Ninja learned other Ryūha to improve their skills.

So were many famous Ninja, for example Hattori Hanzo, respected warriors in their region who few knew were also Ninja.

  1. Ninja no kiai jutsu (Energy Discharge)
  2. Ninja no taijutsu (Body Art)
  3. Ninja no ken (Sword Fighting)
  4. Ninja no yari (Spear Fighting)
  5. Shurikenjutsu (Blade Throwing)
  6. Ka jutsu (Fire, Smoke, and Explosives)
  7. Kyomon (Observation, Common Sense)
  8. Yugei (Social Arts, e.g. Tea Ceremony or Ikebana)

Text: Stefan Imhoff